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We all want to avoid Vets bills but we all want to do the best for our pets. It is always worrying when your dog acts or does something which is out of character particularly when you are unsure of the reason.

Many pet injuries are minor and require only rudimentary treatment on the part of the owner but sometimes ascertaining what might be minor and what might be a more serious diagnosis is not always easy.

Do You Know What To Do In An Emergency?

Did you know that as many as 50% of cases Vets see were, preventable? Or that treating minor injuries promptly can avoid costly complications? Or that dogs are living longer, presenting a new range of conditions.

Of Course You Did!
But what if I were to tell you that Dogs Do Not Eat Bones!
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Dear dog owner,

When a pet of yours becomes sick, two things that spring to mind are:

What is Wrong and What can I do to help?

Some injuries and ailments are simple to spot and diagnose. Miner cuts and wounds are often self-evident and paw injuries are common.
Dog Scratching
Other symptoms, like itchy ears or bottom scraping may indicate internal rather than external ailments.

Bottom scraping is commonly associated with parasitic infestations, often indicating they are due for worming, but not all dogs show these signs and some parasites, like heart worms can cause illnesses which are difficult and expensive to treat.

A dogs ears are very sensitive and can become sore or inflamed even though there may be nothing wrong with the ear itself. Allergic skin problems often begin to show in the ears first because they are one of the most sensitive and least protected parts of the skin.


Most Vets agree that prevention is always better than having to "cure" a particular infestation after the event. Some dog owners regard preventative medications unnecessary for their circumstances and so not cost effective, often without fully understanding the risks, not only to their dog but to other dogs and even family members.

Some pet owners regard worming as “non-essential” and only worm their animals when they see the signs. Not all parasitic infections show these signs however and Vets are increasingly seeing animals that have not been given any form of preventative medication and are having to treat far more serious conditions.

Many owners are also under the impression that Worms, Ticks and fleas only affect unclean dogs — this is untrue; they will live and breed on any dog that has no protection against them.

The Canine First-aid Handbook contains invaluable information about administering first aid for dogs and why it is important to protect your dog. Tapeworms, for example, are common in dogs yet some owners believe they can only get them from scavenging and that they only affect dogs. When a dog swallows a flea it gains a tapeworm.

Fleas will also be just has at home on humans and several of the worm infestations can also be transferred to humans, with possible life-threatening consequences for those most vulnerable like pregnant women, babies and anyone with immune problems.

Ticks attach themselves to their victims and feed on their blood but they will be just as happy gorging on human blood and they can be tricky to remove; if simply "plucked" from their victim, the head is often left behind still with its feeding tube buried in its victim inviting infection.

Fleas, ticks and worms all have three things in common.
  1. They can be distressing for a dog but can cause far more serious conditions.
  2. They can be transferred from an infected animal to other animals, even humans
  3. They are easily preventable.

Other Diseases

Some diseases, such as diabetes or cushing's disease, can produce symptoms similar to other ailments which can affect the way first-aid is administered, and as such are beyond the scope of this publication. However an excellent resource to discover the diabetes symptoms dogs exhibit can be found at

Emergency Treatments

Cuts, scrapes and wounds are often easy to diagnose and treat but how many dog owners know how to resuscitate their dog if it stops breathing or how to give heart massage? The terms "Artificial respiration" and "heart massage" are often enough to instill fear in anyone who has not attended a basic first aid course and yet the fear comes from not knowing what to do.

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  • Basic First Aid
    Learn how to administer first aid simply and effectively
  • Solutions To Common Problems
    Discover solutions to common problems
  • Minor Cuts And Bleeding
    Learn effective techniques to deal with those minor injuries
  • Pressure Points
    Learn where the pressure points are on your dog to control and stop bleeding effectively.
  • Artificial Respiration
    Learn how to perform CPR and Heart Massage
  • Choking and Breathing Problems
    Discover the differences between choking and gagging and the treatments for both.
  • Swelling and Lumps
    learn which lumps may be serious and which may be just cosmetic.
  • Heat Problems
    Heat exhaustion can be a rapid killer. Discover how to give fast and effective treatment.
  • Microscopic Intestinal Parasites
  • External Parasites
  • Limping and Lameness
  • Appetite and Feeding
  • First Aid Kits
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